We are all rich now!

29 02 2012

Gee… I honestly didn’t see that one coming. Cutting the “welfare for the wealthy” means everybody pays more:

HEALTH insurance premiums will jump by an average 5.06 per cent, or about $150 a year for typical family cover and even more for high earners, who also face losing all or part of the health fund rebate this year.
Premiums for families on high incomes could rise by more than $200 a year, and singles by more than $100 a year, once the new provisions for means testing of the rebate kick in. Premiums will rise from April 1.

Thank you ALP!

And thank you for this too:

ELECTRICITY generators have warned that they face a cashflow crunch of hundreds of millions of dollars to buy carbon tax permits as the latest greenhouse gas emissions figures suggest almost $4 billion of the $7.7bn to be raised in the first year of the policy will come from power companies…

The companies told The Australian yesterday they would try to recoup the cost through higher electricity prices, but because prices are set by bids in the national electricity market, they are uncertain how much they will be able to recover.

And this:

VIRGIN Australia says its domestic ticket prices will rise by as much as $6 per flight due to the federal government’s carbon pricing scheme.

Here are a couple of campaign slogans Julia may want to use:

ALP – Dedicated to lowering your standard of living!

ALP – Driving your prices higher!

ALP – Moving your prices forward!

ALP – Make Prosperity History!

Links via Andrew Bolt


Carbon Disconnect

5 03 2008

On Monday 3rd of March Australia’s most popular daily newspaper the Herald Sun ran a wonderful illustration of the public’s “desire” to address the challenge of global warming:

On page 20 VoxPop asked five Victorians if Australia should make sacrifices in reducing greenhouse gasses when they won’t have any meaningful impact on global warming?

All five respondents gave emphatic YES!!! We must do our bit for the planet… future generations… social responsibility… blah…blah…blah… That’s a 100% commitment.

On page 21 telephone VoteLine posed another question: Would yo be happy to pay a 10c-a-litre carbon tax on petrol?

92.9% of caller said NO!!!

When it comes to global warming, people are more than willing to recite politically-correct platitudes and support interplanetary big-shot agreements as long as it costs them nothing. Yet when they are asked to pay a lousy 10c per litre of petrol, even the citizens of wealthy Australia aren’t prepared to pay a cent. Politicians beware!