Bigoted Laptop Ban Will Lead to Laptop Radicalisation

22 03 2017

ABC News reports that US and UK have announced a ban on electronics and specifically laptops in carry-on luggage from Middle East airports due to fear that terrorists are making bombs  that can be concealed in electronic devices:

On Monday it emerged the US government had been considering the move since it learned of a threat several weeks ago.

US authorities believe there is a threat from plots similar to an incident a year ago in Somalia, where a bomb hidden in a laptop blew a hole in the side of a plane although failed to down it, another source said.

Airlines in other countries such as Australian carrier Qantas are likely to follow suit.

We believe this laptop ban is deeply bigoted and laptopist. Just because some  laptops could conceal explosives and be used to commit terror we shouldn’t ban all laptops.

Tarnishing all laptops with the same brush would just offend peaceful moderate laptops and lead to their radicalisation.




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