Unconscious Bias Keeping Women Down

8 03 2017

ABC News Australia is reporting that even though Australia has a whole host of legislation to make it illegal to discriminate against women in a workplace, the evil patriarchy still finds the way to keep the sisters down.

They claim that phenomenon of affinity bias wickedly robs men of their functional faculties and make them make irrational hiring decisions such as appointing a less competent male over a more competent female:

Affinity or similarity bias is where people seek out those who share their backgrounds, group membership, or experiences.

If hiring managers and boards of directors are made up of mostly men who unconsciously engage in such bias, it stands to reason more men than women will continue to be hired and promoted — particularly men who share the same background with current managers.

This only serves to perpetuate the cycle of men outnumbering women in leadership positions.

As usual a suspiciously selective example of such bias is produced:

Men hold the majority of chief executive and chair positions of Australia’s top-200 publicly listed companies.

Boom!! See, the sexism it’s everywhere!!

As if every man who desires to be a CEO can just waltz in become one. Newsflash, ABC! 99.99999% of men are not CEOs either!

Besides, why don’t we ever talk about less glamorous occupations such as plumbing or mining?

What about jobs like nursing or teaching where women are over-represented? Affinity bias? Wicked females keeping the men down? Or is it maybe, just maybe a natural gender-based preference at work?

And why should we focus on just women? How many Australian CEOs are disabled or transsexual or Aboriginal or Somali? A lot less than women I bet, so why should women get all the attention?

Identity politics is poison.




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