Struggling to count our money

14 02 2012

Some brilliant news for the workers in a struggling industry:

GM Holden has agreed to an extraordinary wage deal that will lift the income of 4000 employees by up to 22 per cent by 2014, despite the carmaker seeking a taxpayer-funded assistance package from the Gillard government. In a deal hailed by union leaders as “spectacular”, workers will receive a “guaranteed” 18.3 per cent increase over the next three years, with some workers to receive up to 22.3 per cent.

Even better:

The Australian has obtained full details of the agreement, which the union said contained no productivity trade-offs… Federal Liberal MP Jamie Briggs yesterday questioned pay rises previously awarded to Holden employees, saying recent enterprise agreements did not appear to be delivering productivity and efficiency gains. Mr Briggs said if taxpayers are “handing over large wads of cash”, they would expect that companies receiving support would make improvements to their operations.

This is absolutely shameful. In a modern Australian context, or should I say in ALP/union Orwellian double-speak, a “struggling industry” means an industry that rewards its unproductive workers with money extorted from the taxpayer. Furthermore it feels entitled to reward its workforce over and above of what the taxpaying suckers can expect themselves.

This a brilliant new economy that Gillard government is building.




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