The Folly of Social Democracy

21 07 2011

We live in so-called social democracy where the weak and uncompetitive are entitled to other people’s money. None of us in our daily lives go to the market and buy things based on the needs of the seller. We don’t think "gee this guys onions are twice the price but he has four kids" or "this lady sells stale bread but she has a lisp or a minority background". We want to buy good quality at he lowest price.

Yet we expect our society to be organised in exactly the opposite way where some people get supported by others. The miners are making too much money – let’s take it off them and give it to car makers or farmers and so on.

If something makes no sense to us on the individual level, it should make no sense on the collective level either. Government edicts cannot overturn the laws of economics any more than they can overturn gravity. The results of this folly is now plain to see in places like Greece, Iceland, Ireland, UK and USA.




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