The Madness of Carbon Tax

7 07 2011

Somebody has to ask the following questions:

Is CO2 from petrol any less dangerous than CO2 from coal or gas? If not, why is petrol excluded from this tax?

Is CO2 from the poor any less dangerous than CO2 from the rich? If not, why should the emissions from the poor be subsidised by this tax?

Why are power stations that produce electricity are called a "big polluters" but banks, offices, households and our parliaments that consume this electricity are not?

CO2 is a by-product of industrial activity and the tax on CO2 is a tax on industrial activity pure and simple.

We are told that the tax will encourage the move to cleaner forms of energy but politicians will not let us use any realistic alternative to generate 24/7 base load power! Nuclear is clearly out at least for as long as ALP and Greens are in power and then it takes many years to build a nuke station. Clean coal is a pie in the sky fantasy that may never be realised. Gas is quite expensive and also produces CO2. Wind in solar are intermittent and stupendously expensive.

What are we supposed to do?




2 responses

10 07 2011

I’ve just come across your blog – It sort of feels “fight club-ish” – I’m wondering if there is a secret cloning lab somewhere in Victoria…
That’s the only explanation for the similarity of our opinions, I’m sure.

In response to your post, I don’t think that anyone involved in promulgating this tax is interested in answering these sort of questions – it grants those who query the reasons for this legislative program unwarranted (in their opinion) “air time”. It is much more profitable from their perspective to demonise and deride as “deniers” those who do not support their aims.

My question is different; I believe that the current government honestly believes this tax is necessary – I don’t subscribe to any conspiracy mongering regarding socialism by stealth or intentional economic vandalism (cloward-piven or the like) – what I wonder is how they expect to survive the public response (and the next election)?

13 07 2011

I think they are gambling that the media cycle will move on and the punters will “get over” the tax once it is introduced. They also gamble on a new
constituency that will benefit from the handouts. Lastly, there will be a question of whether the LNP can roll back the tax and fight all of its “beneficiaries” that will fight hard to keep our money going into their pockets.

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