Fools Game

28 04 2011

Even the Bible of the Left, the Guardian, is starting to notice how pointless and deceitful the carbon “reductions” have been. In a nutshell, billions of Western taxpayers’ money has been wasted to transfer industrial production (their jobs) to developing countries and increase CO2 emissions in the process. Once again I have to wonder whether the people pushing this agenda are utter fools, or do they have a deliberate suicidal agenda?

Cuts in carbon emissions by developed countries since 1990 have been cancelled out many times over by increases in imported goods from developing countries such as China, according to the most comprehensive global figures ever compiled

….the latest research, published on Monday, provides the first global view of how international trade altered national carbon footprints during the period of the Kyoto protocol.

Under the protocol, emissions released during production of goods are assigned to the country where production takes place, rather than where goods are consumed.

Campaigners say this allows rich countries unfairly to claim they are reducing or stabilising their emissions when they may be simply sending them offshore – relying increasingly on goods imported from emerging economies that do not have binding emissions targets under Kyoto.

According to standard data, developed countries can claim to have reduced their collective emissions by almost 2% between 1990 and 2008. But once the carbon cost of imports have been added to each country, and exports subtracted – the true change has been an increase of 7%.




One response

3 05 2011

Das kann ich genau so unterschreiben! Toller Beitrag!

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