One term Julia?

7 07 2010

A lot can change and a lot depends on the Libs, but 1 term Julia is firming up in my estimation.

I thought that lies and spin were Rudd’s personal shtick but looks like it’s the ALP shtick after all. Gillard is a slicker salesman but she is coming unstuck all the same because the snake oil is the same.

First there was a mining tax back flip that would only cost the budget $1.5 billion… It sounded too good to be true because it was. Now it is estimated it will cost three to eight times as much i.e. $4.5 to $12 billion. Ouch!

We now also have East Timor solution that is pretty much exactly the same as Pacific Solution, except Julia says it is not. Black is white, you see. What a joke!

My question is, does ALP seriously think that Australians are that stupid? Spin, lies and more spin. 1 term Jules???