Julia Gillard PM

25 06 2010

Julia Gillard is now Australia’s first female Prime Minister. The newspapers are full of glowing commentary about shattered glass ceilings and assorted “girl power” fist-pumping.

Obviously this overshadows the circumstances of Julia’s ascent to the PM’s office and overlooks a number of rather ugly realities for the Labor party.

The Labor party is in obvious disarray. Kevin Rudd is the first PM in Australia’s history to be overthrown by his own party in the first term. This is not good for the country. First the ALP gave us mad Latham, then self-destructing knife in the back bungler PM Rudd. It has to be asked, what is wrong with the Labor party when it produces such flawed leaders in the first place?

Labor party was clearly on the wrong track under Kevin Rudd. Rudd made some terrible bungles and led a government characterised by grand schemes gone wrong and colossal waste of taxpayers money. But guess who was right behind him all this time? Yes, his trusted deputy Julia Gillard. Also, let’s not overlook the fact that despite Julia’s declarations of loyalty, yesterday’s coup would’ve taken weeks if not month to organise.

Who knows, perhaps Gillard will be able to walk away from the Rudd’s wreckage unscathed. Still, having the country’s Prime Minister thrown out of office by his own party in the first term of the government is hugely embarrassing for the country and shouldn’t be lost on the electorate. I hope the average voter is smart enough to see past Labor’s spin and media frenzy celebrating the first human with two X chromosomes running the country. If Labor party manages to get away with what what was done yesterday, it would have to be said that an average Aussie is really as stupid and gullible as the Labor marketing machine thinks he/she is.