16 Facts about Global Warming

9 12 2008

“The Skeptic” offers 16 Facts about Global Warming (see the comments).  This is as good a summary of Global Warming nonsense as any:

OK EVERYONE, just to complete the picture, here is Skeptic’s 16 FACTS that show the ‘catastrophic AGW’ hypothesis to be rubbish:

– Fact 1: The recent warming trend began in the late 1800s & most of it occurred BEFORE C02 levels began to rise after WW2.

– Fact 2: In accordance with fact 1, glaciers world wide have been retreating since the mid 1800s. Again, this is LONG before C02 levels began rising.

– Fact 3: There is nothing ‘unprecedented’ about the current warming (which is coinciding with the rise in C02 levels). E.g. compare the 51 year period of natural climate warming between 1895 to 1946 (i.e. pre C02 rise) with the supposed man-made climate warming period 1957 to 2008. There is NO difference.  The rate of warming is the SAME.

– Fact 4: It was warmer 1,000 years ago (medieval warm period) than it is today and C02 level were much LOWER than today’s levels.

– Fact 5: The paleo-climate record (over 100s of millions of years) shows no evidence for C02 levels driving a hot climate. E.g. there was an Ice Age in the Late Ordovician period while at the same time CO2 concentrations then were nearly 12 times higher than today (i.e. 4,400 ppm).

– Fact 6: The Vostok ice core records (a more detailed view over the last 500,000 years) shows temperature LEADING (not following) the change in C02 levels by 500 to 800 years.

– Fact 7: The physics behind C02 as a driver of climate used by AGW alarmists is sketchy and speculative. There are significant complexities at play at a molecular level (e.g. infrared radiation, absorption, heat convection, molecular concentration per volume of space, etc).  NO ONE can accurately model and predict outcomes here. On the best evidence & physics, C02 has a diminishing effect on warming as you add more of it. Its maximum warming effect is probably reached at 100ppm.

– Fact 8: In an attempt to negate facts 6 & 7, the AGW alarmists constructed a hypothetical ‘positive feedback loop’ model to support their illusion of C02 causing rising temp (i.e. C02 rises, causing temp rise & rise in H20, causing more C02 rise, etc.). This phenomenon has NEVER been recorded in the paleo-climate records throughout the entire history of the planet (even when C02 levels were 10 to 15 times higher than today).

– Fact 9: Most of the ‘evidence’ for catastrophic AGW is based on hypothetical computer models, which make many assumptions, and have significant gaps in their understanding about the atmospheric system, which is highly complex non-linear system. These models (based off standard weather modeling systems) cannot predict what will happen in a region 5 days ahead, but somehow can magically ‘predict’ what will happen 50 or 100years from now….madness…

– Fact 10: Because they lack evidence, alarmists create hype around natural climate variations & changes across the planet (e.g. slight warming in certain regions, droughts, floods) as ‘evidence’ of man made AGW. This is no different to superstitious people during the Dark Ages fearing some great evil because of some natural weather event or behaviour of some animal (e.g. black cat, flying crow)

– Fact 11: According to AGW, the climate should be heating 0.5 degrees per decade, yet we have cooled for the last decade while C02 levels continue to accelerate.

– Fact 12: According to AGW, there must be extra heat caused by C02, so in an attempt to negate fact 11, alarmists claim the ‘heat’ must be elsewhere. They claimed the warming should be in the ocean. But Argos buoys showed oceanic cooling to 2,000 meters, and Aqua satellite is showing sea levels stable or dropping.

– Fact 13: The IPPC AR4 states, clearly, there should be a specific ‘fingerprint’ of warming in the mid-troposphere and a distinct pattern of warming in other regions too.  This has NOT happened, so the alarmists have been scrambling to create increasingly absurd explanations.

– Fact 14: ‘Ocean acidification’ from too much absorbed C02 is another fabricated scare tactic. The oceans have a vast range of pH levels across different regions, from highly alkaline conditions to somewhat acidic conditions (e.g. 8.2 to 7.9).  There has been NO verifiable GLOBAL trend shift over the last 50 years. In fact, plant life grows better were there is a lower pH (e.g. caused by up wellings from natural C02 sources).

– Fact 15: CO2 is a critical trace gas molecule in the nature, which all plants need to survive.  There is no ‘ideal’ level, and current levels (about 380ppm) are historically low.  Most modern buildings have a C02 level of about 600 to 700ppm, which is a healthier level for vegetation & perfectly safe for humans.  It would take hundreds of years to reach this level in the atmosphere (on current rates).  We would need levels of 10,000ppm before it began to adversely effect humans. It would take 5,000+ years to reach that level, assuming nature doesn’t adjust, which it probably would.

– Fact 16: Over $50billion dollars has been pumped into support & research for the AGW religion, with massive support from world wide media, murky BIG-ECO organizations looking to profit from the gloom predictions and governments keen to extend their control over their peoples. And yet with all this money & support, no one can produce any compelling evidence for this speculative hypothesis.




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