Conservatism builds. Leftism overthrows.

1 12 2008

I am not that familiar with Rush Limbaugh to comment on the main thesis of this article but it contains some interesting observations about conservatism:

Plato was a great conservative. Cicero was a great conservative. The American Founders were conservatives, with rare exceptions. The wisdom books of the Bible are full of conservative sayings. That’s what the Ten Commandments are about. “Honor your father and mother” is a profoundly conservative idea.

All high civilizations have been built by conservatives. You can’t accumulate the cultural capital needed to build any high civilization if you try to destroy the past, as the Left constantly tries to do. You can’t build a chariot if you have to reinvent the wheel every generation. The batty idea that kids have the real answers in life is just a modern delusion. It is just ignorant.

Conservatism builds. Leftism overthrows. That is the meaning of that pop word “revolution.” The all-destroying revolution is an adolescent fantasy, and the Left hangs on to those fantasies a lot longer than conservatives do.




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