Amazing metamorphosis

12 11 2008

Graham Cunningham notes the overnight transformation of America:

Let us hurry back to the Barack Obama victory celebration. Change has in fact already come in its wake. Americans are suddenly OK (with a few million exceptions). It is no longer the mythical land of people who sit fat and bloated at the world’s negotiating tables spoiling everything. Who grab the international treaties — that the nice rest of the world have carefully worked out to make the world a better place — only to screw them up and run off laughing. Americans have turned into nice people.

And what “change” lies ahead…

Yes the Change mantra is indeed hard to endure. But at least it will now soon be done with for a while. Obama will start to wrestle with the real world — and by the way, I very much doubt if he is one of those full of vitriol towards his predecessor. He is too smart for such nonsense. But soon enough the media pack will find a reason to repackage him to feed the insatiable appetite for grievance politics. It may be as the man who ‘betrayed’ his race or maybe something else. America’s truly gigantic and sustained contribution to modern civilization will continue to be air-brushed over by the mass-mediated liberal establishment.

For real change to come — for the dominant 20th century culture of grievance and victimhood to move on to some more healthy social psychology rooted in a degree of personal responsibility and self reliance —  this would take leaders of far sterner stuff than Barack Obama.




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