Unspoken history of the Left

2 08 2008

Conservatives are always made to pay for their sins over and over again. McCarthyism anyone? Or BusHitler? Well, I think it’s only fair that what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. I have put together a small list of dirty facts that the Left/liberals owns but pretend never existed:

KKK had largely Democrat constituency and was founded by prominent Democrats.

– Democrats gave America Jim Crow racial segregation laws.

– During Woodrow Wilson’s (Dem) reign over 170,000 Americans were arrested for saying bad things about the President, sometimes in their own homes. He also founded American Protective League (similar to the fascisti Brown Shirts) who carried out searches and intimidated people without warrants. Wilson also shut down newspapers who dared to criticise him. Any of this sounds different to the fascists?

Eugenics was a Leftist (progressive) fad embraced by Wilson and many other prominent Democrats and Hollywood elite.

– Just like socialist and progressives of their era fascists stood for voting rights for women, guaranteed jobs, 8 hour working day, old age pensions, they were anti-religious and favoured free education and generous welfare. Check Mussolini’s Fascist Manifesto.

– FDR Broke the two term presidential rule. The National Industrial Recovery Act initiated by FDR legalised cartels and turned America into a corporatist state where corporate industry boards fixed prices wages and so forth. Same thing was done to the farmers through Agricultural Adjustment Act. How is that different to Nazi corporatism?

– The White Australia Policy was the Labor/union movement baby.

I can go on. But the fact remains, take any “evil conservative plot” that the Left warns us conservatives are cooking, and you will find that it was already done to us by the Left, and it was the conservatives who often stood in their way.

Other suggestions to add to the list are welcome.




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