Church-bashing is so much fun!

16 07 2008

Carl Mather lets rip on religion:

Religions promote elitism, xenophobia, intolerance, ignorance and fascism (n. a governmental system with strong centralised power, permitting no opposition or criticism, controlling all affairs, etc.).

Religions encourage slavery, torture, murder, and unquestioning obedience to rulers, i.e. the church.

Carl doesn’t provide any evidence to support his assertions and just throws them out there as if they were self-evident truths. His article is a convenient exercise in shallow-thinking that can be summarised like this: in the past most people were religious, and therefore religion is responsible for all atrocities committed in the past. Convenient, but bollocks nevertheless.

I have to make a special mention of Chris’ assertion that religion breeds fascism. What a load of utter crap! Fascist were vehemently anti-religious. Mussolini was “fiercely anti-Catholic”. As a student activist in Switzerland he made a name for himself by offending devout Christians. In “Liberal Fascism” Jonah Goldberg writes that Il Duce’s favourite trick was to publicly dare God to strike him dead if He existed.  German Nazis were so hostile to religion they sent thousands of Christian priests to concentration camps. In fact Mather’s article is exactly the sort of anti-religious propaganda that would make any fascist proud.

He also has this little gem:

History clearly shows that any society that relies on religion for moral guidance hastily plummets into barbarism.

I can think about a couple of such barbaric societies: Communist Russia, Maoist China, Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy… None were religious – all either atheist or openly hostile to religion.

It is trully astounding how little thinking the so-called “thinking people” actually do…




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16 07 2008

Exellently noted. If you think further, childrens and womens right only came into existence in the beginning of this modern era as a result of the influence of Christianity. William Wilberforce (Emancipation Acts) was a reformed serious Christian, moved by his religion to fight in parliment for the freedom of slaves. Dietreich Boenhoeffer (Activist in Nazi Germany) because of his religion worked against the nazi goverment. I could mention many more.

To say religion is wrong cause it causes fascisim is a straw-man argument, one should never judge a world view by its abuses, since there are no world views which have never been used in the name of some deplorable action.

Interesting, if this was an athiest that you were writing against, I wonder on what grounds he would say that facism is wrong?

16 07 2008

Tyrellh, your use of the term “straw man argument” is innapropriate. A straw man is always erected as a false counterargument. For example, I say “we should legalize marijuana” and then you respond by saying “we cannot legalize all drugs because that would be the end of civilization.” A straw man is like arguing near an idea rather than at the idea.
I think you guys should learn about Auguste Comte (if you don’t already know about him). He created the world’s first secular religion. His ideas might provide stimulus toward an interesting discussion of religion, secular government and philosophy.

16 07 2008
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16 07 2008

Hmmm, no, straw-man is deliberately misrepresenting an opponents argument, in such a way that it is easier to refute, thus it would seem that you are presenting Christianity (argument X) as a fascist causing ‘organism’, thus you are misrepresenting what Christianity is about

16 07 2008

Woohooo, you are absolutely correct Church Bashing is FUN!!!!!!!!!! There should be more of it and less sitting around congratulating ourselves on our haircuts and our educations.

16 07 2008

“straw-man is deliberately misrepresenting an opponents argument”-That is exactly what I said.
“one should never judge a world view by its abuses, since there are no world views which have never been used in the name of some deplorable action.”-All things being equal, if you really believe this statement, you have to apply it equally to satanism, communism, and fascism.

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