Shallow Tim

27 05 2008

The Australian eco-monger of the year is at it again:

Environmentalist and author Tim Flannery has warned Australian coal companies they will face penalties unless they develop green technology over the next two to three years.

The 2007 Australian of the Year yesterday took aim at coal companies for “failing to comprehend” that they risked paying carbon taxes after 2010 unless they changed their ways.

Tim obviously doesn’t understand how the real world works. Coal companies don’t burn coal for their private entertainment. They burn it for us. It is us that demand electricity for our homes and offices, it is us that want to buy consumer goods made in the furnaces powered by Australian coal. The coal companies are not going to pay for Tim’s pie in the sky ideas themselves, they will pass the costs onto us. All of us are going to pay, Tim. The poor and disadvantaged who have the least disposable income will pay the most.

Earlier at the conference, Professor Flannery warned the coal industry to act swiftly, otherwise the world would face irreversible damage in 10 years.

Of course! It’s always just 10 years away…

In a spirited attack on complacency among leading coal miners, Professor Flannery said: “The coal industry never ceases to amaze me”.

What never ceases to amaze me, is how a shallow thinker like Flannery who cannot even comprehend who will be most affected by the very policies he advocates, can be revered as one of Australia’s best and brightest.




One response

18 02 2010

I don’t necessarily agree with all your views but I do like the way you express them. Eco-monger is a great word – I think it needs a great deal more use. I think you are very correct about coal companies – they are a great scape-goat for society. Dr Flannery is not a shallow thinker but he is, perhaps, a bit of a controversionalist!

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