Another contender for the Gippsland by-election

23 05 2008

Latrobe Valley Express reports:

GIPPSLAND identity Ben Buckley has again thrown his hat into the political ring but under a new guise.

Mr Buckley (pictured) who lives at Benambra in East Gippsland and has stood in several elections as an independent, will represent the Liberty and Democracy Party (LDP) in the Gippsland by-election.

Mr Buckley said the LDP stood for lower taxes, a smaller government and individual freedom.

“Australians pay far too much tax and both Coalition and Labor Governments try to bribe us with our own money,” Mr Buckley said.

“On average people are paying 30 per cent more tax than 10 years ago, even after adjusting for inflation.

“Neither the Liberals, Nationals nor Labor have any real commitment to restructure our taxation system to correct this.”

Mr Buckley said the LDP’s tax policy included a tax-free threshold of $30,000 and a flat 30 per cent tax rate above this.

He said the party was also committed to reducing or removing land taxes and council rates.

Mr Buckley said governments were transforming Australia into a place where life was “controlled”.

“The LDP stands for reduced government intrusion in the lives of ordinary people. That includes things like voluntary voting, assisted suicide and removing the petty rules and penalties that torment businesses,” he said.

“It would restore to property owners the right to permit smoking on their property and to cut down their own trees.

“Even when the choices that individuals make are unwise and could harm them, so long as nobody else is forced to suffer harm, it’s your choice, not the government’s,” Mr Buckley said.

As a dyed in a wool free market libertarian I applaud Buckley’s decision to run. It is time the voters were given some alternatives to the big government paternalism of Australian centre-right and centre-left political parties.

Ask any voter about the issues that concern them. The answers are likely to be health, education and employment. Most of these areas have been controlled by the governments for a very long time. Health and education in particular are the two areas of spectacular government failure. Yet we are supposed to believe comrades Rudd and Gillard that more of the same will somehow fix it. Should we really be so stupid to think that if we only pour some more money down the bottomless pit of government bureaucracy our schools and hospital will be fixed? Is there anything in our past experience of repeated government failure that should make us hopeful?

We cannot afford to waste any more taxpayers’ money on propping up inefficient health and education bureaucracies. Right now we need less government intervention not more. We need more freedom for parents, not bureaucrats to decide how to provide for their children’s education and for the patients, not health ministers to choose what treatment suits them the best. Lattenomics wishes Ben Buckley all the best!




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23 05 2008

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