Labor’s anointed tax alcopops

8 05 2008

Thomas Sowell’s ”The Vision of the Anointed Self-Congratulation as a Basis for Social Policy” is a brilliant insight into Rudd’s Labor and into the thinking of the so-called “progressive” elites at large.

Alcopops tax is a good illustration. First identify a “crisis” that the chosen elites will solve. Then put in place solution that confirms with elite vision. The solution is then put in place without any reference to how the real world works often making matters worse.

Here alcopops are perceived as a problem. Partly because they are a preferred drink of many young but also because elites find Cruisers and Breezers distasteful unlike wine or beer.

In science we are often told that correlation is not causation. But in elite’s vision correlation is causation. In this case teens are binge drinking, and they are drinking alcopops, means that alcopops are responsible for teenage binge drinking. Talk about simplistic. But the pattern repeats itself. For instance, Aboriginals have higher unemployment rates and they are a different race, which makes elites assume that Aboriginals are unemployed because of their race. The screams of racism ensue. We know that women on average get paid less than men and despite there being plenty of good reasons for that, again correlation is causation. For “thinking” elites women get paid less because they are women. The screams of sexism ensue. And on and on…

Back to the alcopops. The proposed solution is to tax alcopops higher than other drinks thus making them more expensive and less attractive to teens, therefore reducing the overall rate of teenage binge drinking. But this solution completely disregards how the real world works.

Firstly, there are still youth out there that will buy alcopops no matter what. In this group the drinking is not reduced but the drinkers are made poorer by the elites.

Secondly, there are readily available substitutes such as spirits, wine and beer. Again the actual incidence of teenage binge drinking is not reduced.

Thirdly, some substitutes are more dangerous than the original problem. Spirits for instance produce the same taste as pre-mixers but the strength of the end product is harder to control. When you buy a Breezer it has a number of standard drinks printed on it and it doesn’t change. In a cocktail, the volume of alcohol varies and they can be a lot stronger. Stronger drinks may result in more drunkenness related problems such as violence and sexual assault and more drivers losing their licenses, as the drinks may be stronger than drinkers assume.

Fourthly, older drinkers and responsible younger drinkers that like alcopops are punished by the elites.

Andrew Bolt also points out an apparent increase in shoplifting crimes due to the higher prices of alcopops.

Funnily enough all this could’ve been predicted by anyone with half a brain. But that matters little for the anointed in the Rudd’s Labor. Common sense is just to “simplistic” for the people who know better than the people. Stay tuned for more…




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