Four Corners. Tell ’em they are dreaming…

29 04 2008

I watched the ABC’s Four Corners – America Dreaming last night. Here is the show’s synopsis as per ABC website:

Can Barack Obama unite America – and deliver on Martin Luther King’s dream? Chris Masters reports.

My personal highlights were:

Black resident of Harlem housing prospects saying that people never talk about racism because racism is in their hearts. A minute before that she was saying that while Obama is seen by many as “not black enough”, he was black enough for her. Later in the show she complained about gentrification of Harlem as a white conspiracy to drive blacks out “like cattle”. Obviously white folks paying black folks loads of money for their houses is racist. Certainly seems like racism is in some people’s hearts…

Black female complaining that racism is still alive and well, minutes before she was awarded at the “Black Achievers Awards”. The irony of the situation was evidently not understood.

Black Harvard academic dismissing Jeremiah Wright’s rants as the sort of silly over the top black rhetoric that is absolutely harmless. It doesn’t take a Harvard Phd to figure, that if any white was to apply Wright’s “harmless rhetoric” to blacks they would be shouted down as racist if not jailed. The above academic also calmed that Obama’s 20 years association with Wright is irrelevant. Would it be irrelevant to him if say McCain had a 20 years association with a KKK member?

Young black girl told about her Southern friend that had a wallet with Confederation flag on it. Even though the person only had the wallet as a fashion item, she was dismayed and implied he approved or pro-slavery South by caring it. By the same token, when Obama’s aide hangs Che Guevara poster on public display in her office, does it imply that his staff support summary executions?

The whole show left me dismayed and angry. It made it quite clear that right now American race problems are not as much the fault of the “racist” whites but the black identity industry that continues to nurture and perpetrate the black victimhood it relies upon for its own survival.

I was also angry at the attitudes of white liberals who in order to redeem their white guilt patronise and segregate blacks with their “special” pity programs. I mentioned the “Black Achievers Award” before. It was given out by the white man. He looked like he was the only white man in there. I understand that being nice to blacks may make people feel god, but if you give out a special award only for blacks you are treating them as inherently different, special maybe, but different. This what racism is about – treating people different because of their race. Don’t you get it? And why don’t blacks object to such openly condescending treatment? Why do they accept the white man’s “special” award for blacks only? For all the talk of black pride, don’t they understand that accepting such “special” awards is an admission that they are not good enough to get awards open to non-blacks?

The only sane voice on the show belonged to the conservative African-American scholar Shelby Steele (strangely no other punter on the show was labelled as a liberal or left-wing scholar), who dared to criticise Obama’s lack of substance, called Jeremiah Wright’s bigotry for what it was, and mentioned that if Obama was to lose the elections it would not be because he is black, but because of his numerous failings. Steele also believes that America is long ready for a black president and Powell would’ve beaten the weak Bill Clinton if he decided to run.




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