Independently hypocritical

28 04 2008

Mark Steyn points out the ultimate hypocrisy of the British leftist tabloid Independent:

On April 15, the Independent, the impeccably progressive British newspaper, editorialized: “The production of biofuel is devastating huge swathes of the world’s environment. So why on earth is the Government forcing us to use more of it?”

You want the short answer? Because the government made the mistake of listening to fellows like you. Here’s the self-same Independent in November 2005:

At last, some refreshing signs of intelligent thinking on climate change are coming out of Whitehall. The Environment minister, Elliot Morley, reveals today in an interview with this newspaper that the Government is drawing up plans to impose a ‘biofuel obligation’ on oil companies… This has the potential to be the biggest green innovation in the British petrol market since the introduction of unleaded petrol…

To quote one of Catherine Tate’s characters: what a fucking liberty!!! How typical of the unelected newspaper scribes with inflated sense of self-worth, to admonish elected politicians for following the ignorant and ill-conceived advice their own newspapers advocated only a couple of years ago.

This is a lesson to all the democratically-elected politicians out there. Harebrained schemes de jour advocated by the latte set often go spectacularly wrong. When they do, there will be a lot of heat and you may even loose your job, because you are accountable to the people. Even worse, the same latte-sipping journalists and activists that convinced you that their harebrained scheme was a no-brainer will turn on you. And to top it off, none of them will lose their jobs because they are not accountable to the people, you are. In fact, that’s why they roll out their pie in the sky schemes with such ease. They have nothing to lose. But you do. Think about it…




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