Quentin Bryce GG

16 04 2008

Kevin Rudd has certainly hit the media G-spot by appointing Quentin Bryce as Australia’s first female Governor General. Lattenomics is pleased with the decision and notes that Bryce is is a very accomplished lady and lacks no merit to hold the GG job.

Still you wouldn’t read Lattenomics if we just joined the rest of the media pack in patting ourselves on the head as to what an enlightened country we are.

Firstly, Lattenomics believes in one and only qualification for any job. It is called MERIT. We would be happy whether the next GG was man or woman, black or white, gay or straight, Christian or Muslim as long as they have what it takes to hold the job. From such perspective it is strange to witness the chorus of leftist journalist and their “Australia is finally ready for female GG”. I think we were ready for a while now. Even the “evil criminal” called John Howard has contemplated appointing a female GG. Judging by the adoring media coverage of Rudd’s appointment of Bryce, he probably should’ve.

Much has been said about Quentin Bryce’s appointment as the great day for women in Australia and the win for gender equality. Here at Lattenomics we ironically note that, as pointed out by Andrew Bolt, no male has ever held Bryce’s previous job of Federal Sex Discrimination Commissioner. Funny isn’t it? Still it is a clear sign of the one-sidedness of the gender equality discourse when the first ever female to break the exclusive male hold on the GG’s office, should come from the office that is exclusively female. Our tip – Rudd will appoint the first man to the as the Federal Sex Discrimination Commissioner to achive true gender equality and appear even-handed šŸ™‚ It may have to be an Indigenous man, gay man or somebody with a disability. Straight able-bodied white men are oppressors, don’t forget. If it wasn’t for their wicked ways we wouldn’t need to have the Federal Sex Discrimination Commissioner in the first place.

The media’s attempts at casting Bryce as some sort of revolutionary feminist figure appear misguided. Firstly, she was appointed to her post by a man called Kevin Rudd. Secondly, nearly all the jobs she ever had were paid by the taxpayer or the government. It is not as if Quentin Bryce fought against the system and prevailed despite the system. She was a part of the system. The lofty positions she held were created and paid for by the system, and she appears to have been well rewarded by the system eventually progressing into Australia’s highest non-elected office. From such perspective it is hard to see Bryce as some kind of Molotov cocktail-wielding Amazon Che Guevara fighting in the trenches against evil men.

Call us cynical, but we do wonder if Quentin Bryce’s appointment was at least partially politically motivated. Don’t get this wrong, as stressed at the start, Bryce doesn’t seem to lack merit. Still it fits rather too nicely with Kevin Rudd’s agenda of big symbolic Australian-firsts such as ratifying Kyoto and Aboriginal apology. Appointing first female GG seems like another perfect way to write one’s name into history books.

Parting note: once again we would like to stress that we believe Quentin Bryce has what it takes to be our next GG based on merit. She comes across as a very nice dignified person and a bit of a looker to boot šŸ˜‰ Sorry, the old-fashioned sexist man in me made me say it. What we wrote above is no criticism of Bryce, but the usual poke at the latte-sipping media and our glorious latte-sipping leader himself – Kevin Rudd.




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