January 2008 – start of the new Ice Age?

22 02 2008

Anthony Watts has some fascinating graphs of global temperatures posted on his excellent blog. According to the four major temperature metrics HadCRUT, NASA Giss, UAH and RSS, the global temperatures have plunged in January 2008. The temperature drop has been severe somewhere in the region of -0.588C and -0.75C. In other words almost 20 years of global warming was wiped out since January 2007!

See them for yourself.

Hadley Climate Research Unit (HadCRUT):


NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS):


University of Alabama, Huntsville (UAH):


Remote Sensing Systems of Santa Rosa (RSS):





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9 06 2008
David J. Evans FRSA

At last we now have concrete factual evidence that carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, let alone man made emissions, have little or nothing to do with fluctuations in global temperatures. Atmospheric carbon dioxide levels continue to rise, but for the last ten years the temperature fluctuations have levelled out and for the last year, have been falling. Solar activity appears to be the key factor.

Will all the scientists who have been in thrall to the IPCC computer model based theories have the courage to admit that they have been wrong, before we bring world economies to a standstill and probably cause starvation for millions? It will probably take a few more years of realistic scientific appraisal of the facts before this happens, but one can only hope that it does.

3 08 2008

Thanks for the post

23 11 2008
What Bob Carter and Andrew Bolt fail to grasp « BraveNewClimate.com

[…] 2002, etc.). Flourishes on this theme include claims that the last century of global warming was wiped out in January 2008, or that we are in dire risk of plunging into a new ice age. There has been more refutations of […]

31 03 2009
James A. Thomspson

You show temp data from Jan 07 to Jan 08 with a big drop. How about Jan 08 to Jan 09.

22 04 2009

emm. thank you..

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