Whitefella Justice

15 02 2008

The following is horrible and graphic illustration of the sort of justice and help that Aboriginal boys can expect from some white judges:

THE north Queensland judge who last year allowed nine child rapists to go free has given a teacher, who has admitted forcing an indigenous 11-year-old boy to perform oral sex on him, time to gather evidence that he was educating his victim in “men’s business”.

James Last, a Sydney-educated teacher who recently worked in Northern Territory communities, including Maningrida, east of Darwin, last week pleaded guilty in Cairns before District Court judge Sarah Bradley to seven counts of indecently dealing with an 11-year-old boy over a four-month period in 1983.

But Judge Bradley has granted a three-month adjournment to allow Last, who claims he received no sexual gratification from the assaults, to allow his lawyers to find an anthropologist to support his claim that he had been trying to introduce the Torres Strait boy to “traditional” islander sexual practices.

Judge Bradley granted the adjournment despite the prosecution pointing out that it had two witnesses – “respected elders” from the boy’s home island of Saibai – ready to debunk the claim that such practices were part of “men’s business”.


Last, now 61 and living in Darwin, took the 11-year-old boy from his family on Saibai Island in the Torres Strait in 1983, promising to educate him in Cairns. But Last, who was 37 at the time of the offences, repeatedly sexually abused the boy, at one point saying: “I’ve sucked you, now it’s your turn.”

Last told The Australian in Darwin yesterday he had taken the “self-sacrificial” step of pleading guilty to the charges to spare the boy, who he loved, a trial. He said Aboriginal elders in the Torres Strait had “entrusted” the boy to him, and he was tutored by the elders in “men’s business”. “I’m saying that certain things are not abuse and they never were in the traditional culture,” he said. “A lot of it is men’s business and that’s why, I think very wisely, Aboriginal islander people have said men’s business is men’s business. They say, ‘You don’t tell the white fella what he can’t understand’.”

If any white boy was in such predicament, the teacher would’ve been jailed. But for black boys the Aboriginal “cultural” rights can be used to protect those that abuse and rape them. It shocks me that this can be happening in the country where I live an love. It heartens me that we are now waking up to this madness…




One response

15 02 2008

Sad to think that they are sending the message that it’s not ok to rape a white person, but if you are an aboriginal it’s perfectly fine as it’s a right of passage? Seriously this is horrible, shocking and I am appalled

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