Green Tax Fraud Danish Style

16 01 2008

Kristian Jensen, the Danish People’s Party tax minister has shown rare honesty openly admitting that Denmark’s greenhouse gas levy was a source of income for the state and served no environmental purpose. Jensen’s remark came amid criticisms that Danish consumers and companies are paying an annual DKK 2.6 billion ($U510 million) despite already paying a similar levy to EU.

Nobody likes double taxation, but most Danes probably figured that it was for the good of the planet and to save future generations from imminent doom. Now it turns out they are being fleeced by their own government for no environmental gain what so ever. Which makes us wonder if the EU politicians actually believe their own speeches about unprecedented dangers of climate change and the coming doom. They sure don’t behave as they do.




One response

28 11 2009

Err, Kristian Jensen is a member of Venstre. Dansk Folkeparti aren’t even part of the government.

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