Japanese Are Good Students

7 01 2008

Japan has launched a pro-whaling YouTube video accusing Australia of being a racist nation and using the images Cronulla riots to make their point. The video goes for ten minutes and accuses Australia of white supremacy, prejudice against Japanese and treating Asians and Aboriginals as second class citizens.

Obviously such response from Japan is ridiculous. Japan fictitiously tries to paint itself as a victim of racism to shut down Australia’s anti-whaling efforts.

Still, you have to give it to Japanese, they are quick learners. Firstly, their claims of Australia being a racist nation are no different to the cries of our own public intellectuals, academics, celebrities and righteous latte-sipping citizenry. Secondly, shutting down criticism with loud cries of racism is not unique to Japanese. This tactic was pioneered by the various minority pressure groups who routinely shut down vital debate with manufactured outrage over racism, homophobia, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, <insert your own ism/phobia here> and so on. Japanese are simply using the victimhood culture created in the West to stop the anti-whaling groups. Ridiculous as it is, this is no different to Gay activists screaming homophobia every time their don’t get their way, or Islamic groups playing the victim card to shut down the essential debate about women’s rights and terrorism.




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