Ryanair. Savaged by Feminists.

27 12 2007

Europe’s legendary low-cost airline Ryanair is in trouble over its annual calendar featuring bikini clad air hostesses in raunchy poses. The calendars were sold on Ryanair flights and on the Internet with proceeds going to the Irish disabled children’s charity Angels Quest.

Here at Lattenomics we see nothing wrong with a bit of harmeless booty action for the good cause. The air hostesses don’t seem to be harmed in any way by the experience and show no more skin than your average beach goer. The calendar is decidedly raunchy but in no way pornographic. The good people of Lattenomics are a little bit concerned about the wisdom of using a saucy calendar to aid children’s charity, but we assume the charity would’ve been aware of the calendar and comfortable with its content.

Unfortunately party-pooping Spanish feminists don’t see it the same way. Spain’s government run Women’s Institute has labelled the calendar sexists and vowed to complain to Irish and EU authorities. Institutes’ spokeswoman Maria Jesus Ortiz explains: “We’re not talking about morals or nudity here, it’s simply how women are portrayed. If there had been men in the calendar, I’m sure there would have been no controversy.”

Hang on a minute, lady! It sounds like you are demanding equality. Isn’t equality is what feminism is all about? So before we complain about the calendar and the rights and wrongs of having women and no men in it, could you perhaps enlighten us if Spain has a Men’s Institute that could respond from the male perspective? No? I didn’t think so. So how is this for the exercise in equality between sexes: the sexist calendar for excluding males is criticised by the professor of the institute that does exactly the same? Which one is more important, a calendar or a taxpayer funded institution?

For all the Spanish feminist outrage, it did little to harm the calendar’s commercial potential. The Ryanair website informs us that the calendar has been sold out and the disabled Irish children’s charity now has the money it didn’t have before. Would the calendar be quite as successful if there were raunchy pictures of men in it? We think even the joyless feminists of the Women’s Institute know the answer.




2 responses

27 12 2013
CitymanMichael (@CitymanMichael)

Feminism is not about equality – the clue is in the name.

27 12 2013
Who Cares

Feminism, also known as the Perpetual Grievance Society

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