Go Green In Style

21 12 2007

If you want your boss to buy you a new Beemer but don’t know how to approach the issue, tell them you want to save the planet. New Zealand government have announced it will be replacing its fleet of Australian-made Holdens and Fords with BMW 730LD’s.

The diesel Beemers are said to consume over two litres per 100 kilometres less than Aussie built Ford Fairlanes. I don’t know what price the Kiwi government is paying for the BMW’s, but a quick check on the Internet shows that in UK BMW 730LD costs around 54,000 pounds or $125,000 Australian. Meanwhile, top of the range Fairlane can be had for around AU$70,000.

If we assume that the average fleet car does about 100,000 km, the reduced consumption of the Beemer; lets assume it consumes 2.5 litres per 100 km less than a Fairlane, will save roughly 2500 litres of fuel. The current price of petrol in Australia is AU$1.40 and therefore AU$3,500 will be saved in fuel costs. Kiwi government is essentially spending AU$55,000 on a Beemer to save AU$3,500 worth of fuel! And that’s just one car, the costs across the entire fleet can add up to millions.

New Zealand taxpayers must be thrilled that their government is spending their money so wisely. What is it about being “green” that makes politicians lose their mind and ability to reason? Even a 10-year old could do these simple sums that seem beyond the grasp of the Kiwi Mandarins. Unless of course they just using a “green” excuse to get themselves into luxurious more desirable vehicles and think we are stupid enough to notice how utterly ridiculous and wasteful their “world-saving” extravagances are.




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