13 12 2007

Another day in the life of the latte-sipper brings yet another enviro-scare. The Australian reports today <insert drum roll here> that it is probably too late to save the Great Barrier Reef and other coral reefs from global warming.
Even if governments implement far-reaching measures to cut greenhouse gas emissions, they will not prevent the annihilation of coral reefs around the world.

Holly crap! Just another piece in the puzzle of unequivocal evidence that we are all going to die a slow death from Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) aka Climate Change. Or is it?

As far as the theory goes, AGW will increase the sea surface temperatures and warmer seas will destroy the corals. Pretty straight forward…. Not quite. You see, this only works if we substitute reality with computer models that predict that the seas will warm up. However in the real world this simply ain’t happenin’.

John McLean has plotted the sea surface temperature trends since 1982. Have a look. Do you see any dangerous warming on this graph? No, me neither.


Once again we are invited to believe that the virtual world which the Earth-loving green prophets occupy is correct and the real world where the rest of us mere mortals live is wrong. They tell us we should prepare for the computer-predicted doomsday and ignore the inconvenient reality obviously cooked up by the military industrial complex. In the good old days such delusional individuals were locked up in the pleasant establishments called “lunatic asylums”. These days, however, such crazies are rewarded with cushy academic posts and invites to the latest UN’s Al Gore kiss-arse talkfest. Hang onto your wallets latte-sippers!




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