Train Travel Gore-Style

11 12 2007

Nobel Laureate Al Gore arrives in Norway! Naturally, being Mr and Mrs Planet Savers, Goracle and his wife Tipper decided to catch the train from the Oslo airport.

Here is Gore explaining his environmentally-conscious decision himself:

I was told that the Express Train, was both faster and more comfortable, so it was an easy choice. And trains are symbols of environmental consciousness, a vigorous Gore, told the press corps.

But Gore failed to mention that while he was posing for photo ops on the train scoring greenie points with admiring media; his luggage was travelling separately down the road in a CO2-emitting Mercedes Benz van.

Once again Gore demonstrates that when it comes to being an enviro-hypocrite, he has it in spades. Who can forget Al’s 20 times the national average home electricity consumption, his family’s large stakes in Earth-raping oil and zinc companies as well as his well documented love of private jet travel. Welcome to the brand new world: we are what we say, not what we do… has the details.




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