11 12 2007

“Freedom fighter” Andrew Landeryou has this interesting blog unmasking Victorian Greens upper house voting behaviour.

Surprisingly, it finds that Vic Greens voted with the Liberal Party on 74.8% of occasions when presented with choice between Liberal and Labor.

Let’s get one thing clear, here at Lattenomics we see no problem with Greens or any other party voting in any way they like to maximise their political advantage. However, we are less convinced that Greens voters would see their party’s Lib-loving ways as pragmatically as ourselves.

Greens are essentially a far-left socialist party cloaked in fashionable concern for the environment. Over the years Greens have invested heavily into their image as the morally pure principled party of choice for uncompromising Left, positioning themselves as strong opposition to HoWARd’s immoral, war-mongering, Bush-loving, planet-killing, money-grabbing Libs. The symbolic meaning of Greens pro-Lib voting behaviour cannot be underestimated. Andrew rightfully points out that:

The Greens make their voters feel better, that they are doing something good for the planet and society. If they start to look dirty and nasty and sneaky like other parties, they are – apologies to vegans – dead meat.

Furthermore, Greens voting record should serve as a warning to the Federal Labor Party. Greens will not automatically back Labor no matter what. Greens will use the political system to their advantage and could oppose Rudd’s policies.

Landeryou also makes an interesting (and logically justified) prediction that Bob Brown, being 63, is serving out his last six-year term in the Senate which could lead to Greens going by the way of the Democrats after losing the powerful appeal of Brown’s personality.




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