Marx & Venus

10 12 2007

According to the SBS website Marx and Venus is a series of short television situation dramas based around two characters developed by Geoffrey Atherden of Mother and Son and Grassroots fame.

The show is pretty much about a boy – Marx, and a girl – Venus, sharing an inner city apartment. They both find themselves in a new situation as Marx has just broken up with his girlfriend, while Venus has never shared a flat with just a man before. Sounds like a normal show about typical young inner city professionals…. Except these two spend most of their time in front of the red SMEG fridge ($3000+), drinking “Little Creatures” Pale Ale and talking on shiny expensive Nokia mobiles. Their apartment is architecturally designed with exposed beams, brick walls and polished floors.

SBS would probably deny it, but the show seems to be a shining example of crafty product placement aimed at aspirational yuppies. Such product placements obviously promote the sort of mindless consumerism that enlightened environmentally-friendly socially aware latte-sipping folks at SBS would never stand for…




One response

10 12 2007

Or perhaps it’s a clever little look at how younger generations are living beyond their means and let their expensive products do the talking for them?

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