Smoking in Pubs is Good for the Planet

5 12 2007

Meanwhile, the latte-sipping boffins in far away Britain figured out that smoking in pubs is great for the environment. You see, since the smoking bans were enacted in British pubs, the smoking population of this wonderful constitutional monarchy was reduced to fagging outside in freezing beer gardens. To make the smokers’ life a little less miserable and more warm, kind publicans responded by unleashing the environmental Holocaust on unsuspecting Polar Bears and Bangladeshis – they installed patio heaters! And if you think patio heaters are a bit of innocent backyard fun, think again. London Telegraph reports:

Policy advisers predict that emissions from patio heaters in pubs and restaurants will increase from 22,200 tons of greenhouse gases a year to up to 282,000 tons – the equivalent of flying a jumbo jet 171 times around the Earth.


For the petty totaritarians, and lets face it, that’s what most eco-mentalists are, the solution couldn’t be clearer:

Environmentalists say the heaters must now be banned if Britain is to meet carbon dioxide emission targets.

I think reinstating smoking in pubs should be also be an option. Survival of our planet is too important to be derailed by the anti-smoking lobby.




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