License This!

5 12 2007

Surprise, surprise…

Everybody knows that Victoria is the most latte-sipping, Green, Bob Brown lovin’ state in Australia. Down here we are enlightened and progressive. We are also very protective of people. So much so, that one cannot quote violent passages out of Koran without being charged under Victoria’s strict religious vilification laws. And don’t even think of cutting down a tree! EPA, DSE, John Brumby and a bunch of other acronyms will be sending SWAT teams to your backyard, locking your criminal ass for life and taking away your children.

Yet all is not good in Fortress Victoria. Turns out our beloved Victorian drivers’ licenses are the document of choice for identity thieves, fraudsters and Tony Mokbel. Herald Sun reports that:

In one example of the extent of fake licensing, 46 licence records were sourced to one person.


between 2003-2006, there were more than 4,600 suspected cases of a counterfeit Victorian licence being used, and a further 164 events using 33 fake licences were confirmed.

Obviously somebody must pay for all this criminality going around and that person is you! In order to stem the tidal wave of license fakery VicRoads looks set to get rid of 10 year licenses in favour of 3 or 4 year ones. The licenses are also set to get more expensive temper-proof features: presumably retinal scans, DNA sequences and other sci-fi technology out of the “Minority Report“. Put two and two together and Victorian drivers will have to get more expensive licenses more often. Meanwhile the crooks will probably switch to forging Tasmanian drivers’ licenses, as we all know they are a tad slow in Tassie and haven’t seen the “Minority Report” yet…




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