Garrett sidelined

4 12 2007

Poor Peter Garrett. He didn’t have the best election campaign and was subsequently given the Environment, Heritage and Arts ministerial portfolio, while Penny Wong got responsibility for Climate Change and Water. For Garrett the road ahead will be full of cutting ribbons, having cups of tea with farmers and taking photo ops with school children, while Wong will get to work on policies that really matter.

The second insult came as Garrett was prevented from answering Climate Change questions in parliament. This will be done by the Treasurer Wayne Swan.

Penny Wong tried to play it down:

“Peter has a very clear voice in government. He is a cabinet minister in the Rudd cabinet, he’s done a great job in Opposition in articulating our position on a whole range of environmental issues”

He’ll be coming to Bali with me“…

Feeling better now, Pete? Penny will take you to Bali with her.




One response

5 12 2007

Garret was a total publicity stunt for Labor anyway. Let’s pick a well known public figure, who just happened to be in a very popular and political Australian rock band and throw him in to get some votes. Now he’s there, they’ve realised he knows sweet FA about anything that really matters, and are taking appropriate action

The whole “We’ll change it when we get in” incident could have been the death of his political career

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