Cascade Premium Light: The Tiger Changes Stripes

3 12 2007

Lets start by acknowledging that light beer is a crime against humanity in the same way the skinny soy decaf latte is. Such misirablist beverages sap all fun and taste out of life. Still, Cascade brewery managed to do something truly incredible – brew a half decent light beer. Obviously it doesn’t taste as good as their normal brew but for better or worst, Cascade Premium Light has set the standard for low alcohol beer in Australia.

If one was ever reduced to being a designated driver for a nigh, or wanted to stay off the hard stuff to impress the Priest’s daughter, CPL was the drink of choices. The taste was passable and the label was classy enough to be tolerable in some of the more fashionable watering holes across the land.

Here is the old-fashioned CPL label in all its glory:

But something changed in Cascade land – the tiger changed it’s stripes. The new label has been revealed, and it’s ain’t pretty. Let’s say it out loud, it looks cheap and ugly!!! The label is light blue and has tacky Premium Light writing in every corner. Nearly everyone I talked to, thought it looked cheap and nasty. Luckily the beer still taste OK, for a light, but the label – it’s crap guys! I think you have just lost the lucrative yuppie vote…

(My apologies for not being able to find a better image)




One response

23 10 2009
Kingsley Kingston Esq

I was designated driver last night and was imbibing these lights instead of the usual pales.

A good light – if that isn’t an oxymoron.

Anyways, I do get the impression that Coopers are taking marketing of alcohol to minors to a whole ‘nuther level. Look closely at the label. It claims to contain “GENUINE PUBITY”.

Ignore that they’ve spelt ‘puberty’ incorrectly, I think this is an outrage and should be highlighted accordingly.


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